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How long is my purchased content available for download?


Your content will be available for download/stream for 1 MONTH from the date of purchase.


How do I access my purchased content?


There are two ways to access your purchased content.
1.  Download or send content directly to dropbox from the confirmation page of your purchase.


2a. Within 30 days of your initial purchase, log in to your User Account at https://contentshelf.com/users/


2b. From your Buyer Dashboard click on the content that you would like to download then click on the cloud with the arrow to download directly onto your computer.



How do I download my content onto my Apple mobile device?


If you want to download your content to a mobile Apple device, you must use the Dropbox® function

1.  Signup for Dropbox®, add the free Dropbox® app to your device and then push the content to your Dropbox® account. This will allow you to view your content on any device the Dropbox® app is installed on at any time, including the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and of course, all other devices that Dropbox® makes an app for (even Android devices).

2.  Within 30 days of your initial purchase, sign in to your User Account at https://contentshelf.com/users/

3.  From your Buyer Dashboard Click on the content that you would like to upload to Dropbox®

4.  Click on the Dropbox® icon to push content to your Dropbox®


5.  Your downloaded content will be stored in the “Content Shelf” folder found under “Apps”.


Another way to view your downloaded content on your iDevice is to do a traditional transfer – Download audio/video files, then add to iTunes, which can then be synced with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

A word about PDF files…

Viewing PDF can be done easily by clicking on the download icon and the PDF will automatically appear on the screen of your iPad. It opens in Safari, so remember if you “X” out of a browser tab, you’ll have to click the downloads screen again.
Remember to read, understand, and abide by the license agreement that accompanies your digital product purchase.


How do I transfer my content from Dropbox® directly onto my mobile device?


To transfer content from your Dropbox® directly onto your device click the upload button and save directly on to your mobile device.  Wait for it to download and voila – instant Keezer at your finger tips, anytime anywhere!