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  • “Moment’s Notice” (complete performance)
    “Moment’s Notice” (complete performance)

    Geoffrey performs a full-length version of John Coltrane's classic composition, re-imagined as a jazz ballad. Multiple camera...

  • “These Three Words” (complete performance)
    “These Three Words” (complete performance)

    Geoffrey performs a full-length version of Stevie Wonder's contemporary classic ballad, re-imagined as a jazz waltz....

  • “Black and Tan Fantasy” (complete performance)
    “Black and Tan Fantasy” (complete performance)

    Geoffrey performs a full – length version of Duke Ellington’s iconic 1927 blues composition. Multiple camera angles give valuable insight...

  • Playing Without a Pedal
    Playing Without a Pedal

    In this 2-part lesson, Geoffrey shows you some out-of-the-box 'finger acrobatics' that will help you develop a fluid, legato keyboard...

  • “Cherokee” (complete performance)
    “Cherokee” (complete performance)

    Geoffrey demonstrates a fresh approach to the jazz standard 'Cherokee', a song that is normally played at a blazingly fast...

  • Voicings Warm-up No.2
    Voicings Warm-up No.2

    PART 2!!! 5 NEW warm-up exercises that will help you discover great sounding voicings on your own, as well as...

  • Hank-ercises!

    Based on a harmonic concept of the legendary pianist Hank Jones, these exercises will stretch your hands AND your brain!...

  • Hank Jones’ “Satin Doll”
    Hank Jones’ “Satin Doll”

    Geoffrey credits the legendary pianist Hank Jones as a major influence on his style. This lesson examines Hank's intriguing reharmonization...

  • “This Nearly Was Mine”
    “This Nearly Was Mine”

    Enjoy this FREE demonstration of Geoffrey's approach to the jazz classic This Nearly Was Mine, from Roger & Hammerstein's 1949...

  • Inside Heart of the Piano: “Suddenly I See”
    Inside Heart of the Piano: “Suddenly I See”

    Geoffrey transforms KT Tunstall's catchy pop hit 'Suddenly I See' with a rhythmically complex Brazilian flair, from his latest solo...

  • Inside Heart of the Piano: “Red Red Rose”
    Inside Heart of the Piano: “Red Red Rose”

    Geoffrey demonstrates specialized techniques used in his version of the Scottish folk song 'My Love is Like a Red Red...

  • Inside Heart of the Piano: “Limelight”
    Inside Heart of the Piano: “Limelight”

    Highlights from Geoffrey's stunning re-imagining of the Rush classic 'Limelight', from his latest solo album Heart of the Piano [2013...