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  • Rhythm Changes Workout
    Rhythm Changes Workout

    Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm” is one of the most commonly played song form in jazz music. This 2-part lesson explores...

  • Taking it “Out” Pack
    Taking it “Out” Pack

    Designed for more advanced players, this 6-video pack contains a powerful arsenal of tools to give you total control and...

  • Beyond Transcribing – The Next Step
    Beyond Transcribing – The Next Step

    In this 2-part lesson, Geoffrey shows you an efficient step-bystep method to get the most “juice” possible out of your...

  • How to Practice What You’ve Transcribed
    How to Practice What You’ve Transcribed

    A comprehensive method to help you internalize and fully process the musical material you’ve transcribed. Fun and challenging for pianists!...

  • Giant Steps
    Giant Steps

    A unique and original take on John Coltrane’s classic, “Giant Steps”. Geoffrey demystifies the harmony, giving you more “breathing...

  • Chick Licks
    Chick Licks

    Geoffrey explains how to make Chick Corea-like effects on the piano that sound wildly complicated, but are in fact easy...

  • Pretty Notes Pack
    Pretty Notes Pack

    This 4-video pack contains a powerful set of tools to help you develop fluency improvising in a melodic way and...